Blasphemer Buried With Blasphemous Latin Requiem

The Austrian blasphemer and pseudo-artist Hermann Nitsch (+83) - who smeared baroque chasubles, monstrances and crosses with blood and paint and staged sex orgies - was buried with a May 7 Latin Requiem Eucharist in Prinzendorf, Vienna Archdiocese.

The altar was desecrated with a graffiti produced by Nitsch. The mass vestments were also desecrated by him. The chairman of this circus was the German Jesuit Friedhelm Mennekes. He paid tribute to Nitsch's "faithful soul." James 2:19 says that even demons have faith.

The "conservative" journalist Michael Fleischhacker functionned as altar server. The Austrian Federal President and local politicians sent wreaths of flowers. It can be assumed that Cardinal Schönborn gave his approval.