I will manifest Myself to each one of you in your homes --Carbonia

Revelations from 

Carbonia April 27, 2022

Soon I will manifest Myself to each one of you in your homes.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I bless you, my children, and I carry you in my arms; do not be afraid of anything; march strong, like lions. The Holy Spirit will soon envelop your hearts and you will be great, you will be in the greatness of God, He will use you as instruments for His work.

Thank you for being here on this Sacred Hill where the glory of God will soon be manifested. I love you, my children; I thank you for your faithfulness to my Son Jesus.

I am here in your midst, my children; I will soon manifest myself to each of you in your homes. The time is over, Jesus is about to manifest Himself to the world and I must anticipate His Return by manifesting myself to you to bring you to Him as a faithful army, great soldiers in the service of the King, ... the King of kings.

My beloved children, I read in your hearts that throb with love for my Son Jesus. Thank you, beloved children, thank you, faithfulness is the greatest of all.

Faith! ... There are no signs more pleasing to Heaven. You have walked with faith in your heart; ... Dedicated to love in Christ Jesus, you have proceeded without signs and without any pretense, you have marched on this impervious ground, you have fought against every obstacle. Do not despair, my children, put serenity in your heart and work again in the service of the Word of God and put it into practice.

In a short time, Jesus will open another world, a new Earth where He will shelter all His own,

He will put them to enjoy His infinite Beauty, His All.

The Door is opening, He is there waiting for all His children.

Advance faster than ever in faith, increase your faith, my children, do good works. Conquer the Heart of Jesus, He longs to embrace you for Himself, He desires to have you as His own.

He is jealous of his children, ... He is your Creator! ... He is your Father! Soon you will understand His greatness and His love because you will enter into His Holiness. He will open His bosom to shelter you in Himself and give you of Himself.

My children, I join my hands to yours in this holy Rosary dedicated to the anticipated return of my Son Jesus.

Love him and love one another, even if you are physically distant, be united spiritually: ... The Rosary in your hands and Jesus in your hearts.

We have come to the end of an ancient time, you are about to enter the New Age. We implore Jesus to intercede with the Father so that His Return may take place at this time, ... His children wait, ... their hearts burn with love for Him who is the King of kings. They long to enter into You, my blessed Son. Amen.