Strength in hard circumstances

Every day, in the Temple and in the houses, they did not cease to teach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In these circumstances, when the atmosphere becomes more sectarian or more distant from God, we should feel as a call from the Lord to manifest with our word and with the example of our life that the risen Christ is among us, and that without Him the world and mankind are in disarray. The greater the darkness, the greater the urgency of the light. We must fight against the current, supported by a lively personal prayer, strengthened by the presence of Jesus Christ in the tabernacle. Our inner struggle to move away from all gentrification must be stronger. This is one of the greatest fruits that we should draw from contradictions, whatever they may be: the need to be more attentive to the Lord, to be more generous in prayer and in the spirit of sacrifice.

Contradiction leads us to purify our intention well, doing things for God, without seeking human rewards.

If, through cowardice, lack of fortitude, or by not asking the Lord for help, the soul gives in to difficulty, it will regress in its union with God, it will be filled with sadness and will manifest a superficial interior life with little love for God. The devil usually takes advantage of these occasions to redouble his attacks, and the soul can then either draw closer to God - by uniting itself to the Cross - or separate itself from Him, falling into a state of lukewarmness, lacking in love and vibration. The same difficulty - an illness, a slander, an adverse environment... - has different effects according to the dispositions of the soul. We cannot forget that the supernatural good that we have to attain is an arduous, difficult good, which demands from us a resolute correspondence, full of fortitude. Fortitude, which is a cardinal, angular virtue that removes the obstacles, the fears that could withdraw the will from the firm following of the Lord. He always gives, at all times and in all circumstances, the necessary graces.

In the face of the contradictions of the environment we must be serene and joyful. It is the same joy of the Apostles, who were full of joy, because they had been worthy to suffer outrages for the name of Jesus. 10 "It is not said that they did not suffer," says St. John Chrysostom, "but that their suffering caused them joy. We can see it by the freedom they immediately used: immediately after the scourging they gave themselves to preaching with admirable ardor." "They bring you and take you away..... What does fame matter?

"In any case, do not feel shame or sorrow for yourself, but for them: for those who mistreat you."