The bear will not be subdued

A Message from The Lord 

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says. 

My beloved ones, I bless you all with decrement and understanding. 

Return to the foot of my cross. 

REPENT. All who call upon my name will be saved. Purify your hearts beneath my fount of mercy that is poured out for all. Respond to my call. Stubbornness and pride will be the downfall of humanity. A strong delusion is settling upon mens hearts,because they know not the love of God the Father. 



Do not become despondent. 

Receive me in My Holy Eucharist. Allow me to nourish your souls.  Let your confidence be in me. 

Prepare your safe refuge for the dark days ahead. Trust in me for your needs. 

Stay within the boundaries of protection that only my Sacred Heart can provide, and know that I love you ,my beloved ones. 

Thus saith ,the Lord .

A Message from St. Michael The Archangel 

As the feathers of wings overshadow me, I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

As the prince of the heavenly hosts,I implore thee to call upon the name of our King and Savior ,that he may save you from the fiery pit. 

The midnight hour fast approaches, Our Lord and Savior’s coming draws near. 


The bear (Russia)  will not be subdued. His weapon of destruction will bring about world war.

People of God. 

Sustain your souls with the nourishment of our Lord in the Eucharist. Perilous times are upon you. You must be battle ready with the whole armor of God. 

Pray without ceasing for the nations of the world ,that will succumb to the tyranny of communism ,that will be in-forced by the one world government. 

Multitudes of Angels surround the remnant people of God, safeguarding your every step. Be not fearful, but courageous in the Lord . He has not given you a spirit of fear. 

I stand ready ,with multitudes of angels ,to defend you from the wickedness ,and snares of the devil ,who’s days are few in number. 

Thus saith ,Your Watchful Defender.