The principal causes of so many damnations



If you cannot bear a spark of fire in your hand, the slight flame of a candle, how will you be able to suffer those flames for all eternity? (BAC. 693).

476. The greatest torment of the damned in hell is, to think that they have lost heaven because they have spent in idleness the greater part of the time, which God had given them to save themselves. (BAC. 681).

477. The priest never goes alone, neither to heaven nor to hell (Lemoyne, 101).

478. One of the gravest errors of modern pedagogy is not to want to speak of eternal maxims, especially of death and hell. (II, 214).

479. Those who allow themselves to be overcome by the passions, surprised by death and buried in the eternal flames of hell, will moan in despair: "Foolish of us, we are mistaken! (II, 363).

480. The damned are more numerous than those who confess, because even the wicked repent at times, but those who do not confess well are more numerous. (VI, 903).

481. The principal causes of so many damnations are: bad company, bad books, and perverse habits. (IX, 182).

482. The cause by which most people are condemned is the lack of a firm purpose of amendment in their confessions (X, 56).

Don Bosco