The schism is already a fact

Bishop Refuses Roman Ordinations (Ancient Rite), Monastery Finds Solution

The English-speaking monastery Saint Benoit in Brignoles, France, organised in April at a discrete location outside France "unauthorised" Roman Rite ordinations celebrated by a “senior prelate in unimpeded communion with the Holy See.”

The prelate ordained founding Prior Alcuin Reid who has been a deacon for several years to the priesthood and another monk to the diaconate. Saint Benoit in Brignoles is only a diocesan association of the faithful.

The Australian born prior is a liturgical scholar. His 2005 book The Organic Development of the Liturgy carries a preface by Cardinal Ratzinger.

The monastery depended not always successfully on diocesan priests for the celebration of Mass. Three visitators recommended to ordain a monk, recently in December.

However, Fréjus-Toulon Bishop Dominique Rey, a good man, was unwilling to proceed with the ordinations. What Rey called “prudence” the monastery calls fear of repercussions increased by a recent apostolic visitation of the diocesan seminary. In January, Rey confirmed that he wouldn't proceed with ordinations.

The monastery justified the ordinations with the Church's extraordinary situation. Rey has "suspended" those ordained.