Vatican Promotes Whiny Homosex Myths

Vatican promotes tear-jerking myths about `heroic' homosexuality

The Synod of Synods of Francis published on (May 6) three sappy "testimonies" to promote homosexual adoptions and the 'goodness' of sodomy. Are they real or made up?

The first is about a pregnant mother who wanted to abort her baby, but instead gave it to two cohabiting homosexuals. Now, the child is eight years old and must live with "two parents".

The second is about two angry homosexuals who left the U.S. for Canada because they felt "offended" by members of their Catholic parish. They "adopted" mentally handicapped local teenagers and now imagine their sterile liaison to be "truly life-giving" and a supposed fulfillment of "God's call.

The third is about a Catholic high school teacher who hides his homosexual cohabitation to keep his job. The couple "adopts" children from poor countries to foster the illusion that homosexuality is "a gift from God."

The Synod does not share the testimonies of "adoptees" who were forced to live inside dysfunctional homosexual homes.