Were The Beatles helped by the Devil?

Exorcists know that you can make a pact with the devil to serve him and in return help him get power, money, pleasures, whatever.

People have been making pacts with the devil for centuries, but they always end in disaster.

Sometimes because the devil does not keep his promises, we know he is a liar.

And other times because he only partially keeps them, there comes a time when he comes back to cash in on the favor, and things get very bad.

And unless in a spark of sanity the person hears the voice of God, repents and seeks spiritual guidance to get out of the problem, his life will be transformed into a hell or directly he will lose it and could be condemned.

But upon repentance, the covenant they made is undone.

And exorcists know this well because they have delivered from the devil many who have made pacts with the evil one. 

What always leads to a pact is ambition.

And that is what happened to John Lennon, the legend of The Beatles.

The Beatles were the rock band that changed popular music in the world, achieving an unparalleled quality in creativity, performance and bonding with youth.

But they were a powerful force in promoting the cultural/sexual revolution of the 1960s.

It was the first step of everything we are living now.

Because in that decade came the big push against Christian morality.

And today seen from a distance, there is little doubt that it was by design.  

And in that design The Beatles played a central role.

For what could be more effective in driving youth out of Christianity than to lead them to drugs, to Hindu spirituality, to free love, to disregard for authority?

The message The Beatles gave.

Lennon more than once admitted that he was desperate to "be more famous than Elvis Presley", and that he would do anything to achieve it.

And he did, and then he would have blasphemous expressions like "we're more popular than Jesus".

And blasphemous attitudes, like once he hung a condom filled with water on a balcony over a picture of Jesus for parishioners to see, in Hamburg, and another time he urinated on the heads of three nuns.

Some say he had Christian feelings and was a Christian, to the point that childhood friend Pete Shotton spoke of a meeting John requested in May 1968 to tell Paul, George and Ringo that he was Jesus Christ reincarnated and wanted an authoritative statement to that effect.

But a consciously spoken blasphemy is enough to be far from Christianity.

Joseph Niezgoda in his book "The Lennon Prophecy" suggests that John made a pact with Satan in exchange for fame and fortune.

And it's not just based on Lennon's comment to his friend Tony Sheridan in the mid-1960s, "I've sold my soul to the devil."

The format seems to be what has been reported in some reliable stories, in which the Devil appears and proposes to the person: "I will give you 20 years of complete success on this earth, and then I will come for you". 

The beginning of John's pact would have been in December 1960, when on the 27th, that band not very different from so many others at that time, unexpectedly got the girls to start screaming and getting on stage.

It had never happened before, but it would happen from then on.

All four have pointed to that night as the turning point in their careers, the birth of beatlemania.    

And several events in John Lennon's life link him to supernatural help, among them the vision they had in 1961 of a man appearing and telling them "From this day forward, you are the Beatles with an A."

Or that songs often came to Lennon in his dreams and usually became big hits.

That's why he always kept a notebook and pencil nearby.

There are also influences of evil forces in his works.

For example, on the cover of the album "Sargent Pepper" from 1967, there are characters that they considered heroes, and among them there is the Satanist Aleister Crowley and other occultists, together with other popular figures.

Also on the cover of the 1966 album "Beatles Yesterday and Today", they appear with dismembered children's body parts.

And on the album "Meet the Beatles" from 1964, it shows the face of the 4 with half in shadows, a clearly Illuminati format.   

Thus passed two decades of success, fame and fortune, and of pushing the youth towards substances, towards non-Christian spirituality and towards different forms of sin.

And 20 years after that turning point performance for the band, on December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman fired five shots at Lennon in front of the Dakota Building in New York.

If John had entered into a 20-year pact with the devil for wealth and fame, that contract ended that day with his violent death. 

The last album he recorded was "Double Fantasy", where there is a song sung by Yoko Ono, his partner, called "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss", which analysts say that when played backwards you can hear 666 and "I shot John Lennon".

John and Yoko Ono probably knew what was going to happen because they consulted mediums, astrologers, numerologists, psychics, and had links to the occult. 

So perhaps when Chapman knelt down and pulled out the gun, John had no natural reaction to run away. 

He could have run, he could have kicked the man at his feet, he could have called for help, he just passively waited for the shots, as if it was something he was waiting for.

And Chapman would later tell interviewers that he could feel the presence of the demons around him,

"I can feel their thoughts. I can hear them talking, but not from the outside, from the inside."

Chapman claimed that a voice in his head commanded him to kill Lennon "kill Lennon, he's mine and I want him."

And he kept insisting, "Do it, do it, do it." 

The spiritual forces of darkness had distorted his worldview, whispering to him that this was God's ordained plan, for him to remove evil from the world. 

And only later did he attribute it to the devil himself.

According to psychiatrists and exorcists who treated him in Attica prison, Chapman could not distinguish God's directives from Satan's and wanted to communicate with both.

In the months leading up to Lennon's murder, demonic activity peaked and Chapman opened doors that could not be closed.

He began praying to satan for help.

"I only ask that you give me the power to kill John Lennon."

Prison guards and doctors say he behaved like an enraged destroyer, speaking at times in a high-pitched female voice, and at others in a deep, growling, aggressively masculine voice. 

The voices were identified as Lila and Dobar, emissaries of Satan. 

He said that both demons could read his mind and that their purpose in possessing him was to show satan's presence in the world, using Lennon's death as a vehicle.

He had a series of exorcisms and finally for an hour 6 demons came out of his mouth, between hissing, gurgling and different voices.

And he felt that for much of his life he was acting like it wasn't him, but when the demons came out, he could feel that part of his personality was gone.  

Putting together all the pieces that have been uncovered about Lennon's life and death and the Chapman bombing, it would seem that Lennon made a 20-year pact with the evil one and with it dragged the rest of the band down with him.

It gave him fame and money, and led him by the hand in his creations to subtly lead young people away from Christianity.

And 20 years later he came back and used a person he had possessed to do the job of liquidating John.  

Maria Simma says John is in heaven, if so, we don't know what happened at the last moment.