You have chosen your doom!

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia May 13, 2022

As in Fatima, I call again this Humanity to conversion!

I am Our Lady of Fatima, I am She who appeared to the three shepherd children in Cova da Iria. My children, beloved of my Heart, today you remember my apparition in Fatima on May 13, 1917, .... Then I asked for the conversion of this Humanity, and still today I ask you for conversion. You are on the wrong path, my children, you have not yet accepted within yourselves the messages that I give you with so much love for your salvation.

You refuse to listen to Heaven!

You do not want to change your way of life!

You have accommodated yourselves to the things of this world.

You have sewn the garment of sin into your heart.

You are comfortable, you do not want to change. You have wrapped yourselves in immorality.

You have chosen your doom!

Beloved children, trembling with love, still today I come to ask you to convert, you cannot delay any longer, the time is over.

Now you will see that the scourges are multiplying on this earth, ... and you will see your inability to intervene to stop them. You have already reached the turning point, God is intervening to say "ENOUGH" to the misery that is hovering over humanity, more and more distant from Him.

As at Fatima, I call again this Humanity to conversion!

The key to your salvation is "ONE", O men ... it is GOD! Your Creator. Stop going into darkness, the time has come to change, return to God my children, return to Life to enter into it.

Soon my Immaculate Heart will triumph, I ardently desire to have you all with me.

I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.