A great silence, ... then, a great uproar!

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia December 12, 2021

A great silence, ... then, a great uproar!

Miraculously mine!

Beloved children, it is He who speaks to you and blesses you.

Holy One, it is He who speaks to you! ...listen to His voice and turn urgently to holiness.

I extend My Hands to you, My children, and I take you to Myself, I lift you up from the rubble of your lives. Heed My calls, oh men, your God is calling you to true conversion, do not be foolish, the time has come, My Justice is at work, it will become stronger and stronger!

I await your urgent repentance. I must intervene, my children, do not find yourselves outside the fence. When all seems lost, behold, the heavens will open for you, you will see things never seen before, you will see the Infinite Light, you will see the One who is the Holy One. Your Savior returns to manifest Himself to the world that the world may believe.

The clouds are moving eastward, the storm is brewing, do not wait to see, pray the Holy Rosary and ask vehemently for My soon return.

"A great silence, ...then, a great rumbling".

Behold, God is advancing in His Plan so that everything will be fulfilled quickly.

Heaven will thunder with power! ... The hearts of fools will tremble, but it will be too late. Convert now, O men, that you may not suffer the penalties that will come for your indifference and disobedience to your Creator God.