When you hear an unknown rumbling, do not leave your homes

(...) People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the day of prayer that I requested of you has reached the Paternal Throne like precious incense. I must share with you that each day of prayer has been totally pleasing to God and has succeeded in attenuating to some extent the great earthquake that humanity is going to suffer.   

Without upsetting you, I must mention to you that the coming events will occur one after the other without rest. The earthquakes will be of greater intensity causing the earth to lose its compact state and the high mountains to collapse.  

People of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the country represented by the bear will have an unexpected reaction which will cause the world to remain in an uproar and some countries to rush into reaction.  

When you hear an unknown rumbling, do not leave your homes or places where you are, do not leave until you receive orders to mobilize.  If a strong and unknown glow appears, do not look at it, on the contrary, keep your head to the ground and do not look until the glow disappears and do not move from the place where you are. 

Store the food inside your homes, without forgetting the water, the blessed grapes, the sacramentals and what is necessary for the small altar that at a certain moment you were asked to prepare in your homes. 

Attention beloved People of God, attention. Remain attentive to the insistence of evil that wants to lead you to fall. Do not succumb! 


I defend you with My Sword. Do not fear. 


St. Michael the Archangel