700 million will die prematurely —Dr Martin

Greg Hunter - Dr. David Martin has a prestigious resume in medical sciences and investments. Martin also runs a company (M-CAM International) that funds cutting-edge innovation around the world. He teamed up with Greg Kelly to take on the genocide they claim Covid-19 has caused.

In that regard, Dr. Martin has sued the medical companies and the federal government involved in the delivery of the so-called Covid-19 (CV19) vaccines. According to him, CV19 vaccines are "biological weapons".

David Martin has also filed patents that expose what he calls "the criminal COVID-19 conspiracy."

On covid vaccines, Dr. Martin says, "It's going to get a lot worse. It's not a coronavirus vaccine. It's a spike protein instruction to make the human body produce a toxin. The fact is that the injections are an act of biological weapons and bioterrorism."

Asked how many people he believes will die from "Covid.-19 bioweapons," Dr. Martin predicts that some 700 million people worldwide will have died prematurely by 2028 from the experimental Covid-19 vaccine. "The fewer Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, the better," he stresses.

He also believes that the catastrophic effects of Covid-19 injections will soon affect the medical industry. In this regard, he points out that he and his group have filed an extensive list of lawsuits against political leaders and multinational healthcare companies: from President Biden to the FDA, the CDC, Pfizer, Moderna "and many others for the deaths and injuries caused by CV19 bioweapons fraudulently passed off as 'vaccines'."

The next major court case will be July 6, 2022 , in a Utah federal court. "This is racketeering," Dr. Martin rivets. "They have hidden behind the shield of immunity that absolves them of responsibility for presenting a biological weapon as a vaccination program. This is actually a criminal act."