You will know that the Warning is near!!!!

Carbonia, 28.03.2018.

Between the passion and the resurrection will come the prophets!!!!! 

Beloved children, God the Father comes to you to give you His Divinity. 

You are about to enter into Me, oh men, you are about to enter to enjoy Perfection in Me, you are about to enter into new and eternal life. I am with you in the measure of God, in My Paternity I take you, so that it may happen in you from Me.

Love my Son Jesus, unite yourselves to Him in the Blessed Sacrament, remain close to Him: these are terrible hours of agony. The world is about to enter into transformation, I want to give this earth a new life in Me. I want to make My chosen ones enjoy My greatness of God, infinite love and eternal happiness. Oooohh Italy! My Italy! 

Why have you turned away from your God Love? 

Why have you believed in the things of the world and rejected the things of God? 

Why have you allowed yourself to be enveloped by darkness? 

Why have you not been faithful to me?

Behold, for you will now come days of endless dark sorrow: O my Italy! 

      When I chose you My Homeland, you were beautiful in Me, you shone with My own light, you entered into the Measure of Me, your God, Love and Creator. 

You opened your heart to Me, you were all Mine; but, when the breath of the beast fell upon you, you too fell into the trap and let yourself be bitten by its venom, you let yourself be seized by the bite of the beast  that dragged you away from Me. Behold, you have come to the end of your days, you have been beautiful, but now you will descend into the pit that you yourself have dug by your choice. The hearts of the wicked will tremble, God will intervene to put an end to lust, and all will be new in Him who created all things. 

The last moments have come: the alarm bell will be the roar of the wicked king, when he will dictate his law to take possession of My House. With this saying of Mine I want to open many hearts, I want to save many souls, I want to snatch them away from Satan, ...not a single one of My children will I leave, I will take them all to Myself. 

Watch and pray, now you will see the promised signs: Easter is of resurrection for all the children of God! 

As soon as you hear noises in the sky, you will know that the Warning is near!!!! Prepare yourselves quickly in your homes and wait there for everything to happen. 

Your God will intervene to take His chosen ones and transform them into Himself, they will take on a new life, they will be transfigured in the Divine Light.

 Farewell, my children, it is all over. Amen!