Slavery: The-White-Man-Is-Guilty Lie

Italian writer Silvana de Mari published an article about slavery on (August 9). Highlights

• Black African slaves owned by white Christians were by far the least common and least cruel type of slavery.

• Papal Bulls were the first documents to condemn slavery.

• Trafficking of black Africans by the Arab-Muslims began in the 7th century, and officially ended in the 20th century. It caused seventeen million victims.

• In Islamic countries slaves could not marry, not have children, were often castrated, and survived for an average of seven years. The castration process was often fatal.

• As late as 1985, the Bishop of Khartoum bought black children for $50 each to save them from their fate as slaves on the routes to the east.

• In 1990 in Cairo, 54 foreign ministers meeting in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference recommended that slaves should be treated humanly.

• The glorious battles of Lepanto and Vienna ended the Islamic trade of European slaves abducted along the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

• Today, those who abolished slavery are presented as the sole culprits (“the white race is guilty”).

• Slavery was and is practised on a large scale by African peoples.

• The 2008 book Le génocide voilé ("The Hidden Genocide") by the French-Senegalese historian Tidiane N'Diaye, which reveals the facts, was quickly pushed to the side.

• The Atlantic slave trade slave generated 70 million descendants. The Arab trade led them to die in slavery with no descendants…