The Earth is about to open...

Carbonia 14.08.2022

The Earth is about to open...

My beloved bride, write to my beloved people:

Cultivate prayer, kneel before the Crucified One and humbly ask forgiveness for your sins.

The Earth is about to open up and fire will come out of its bowels!!!!!

The volcano of terror (war) will suddenly erupt, the world will burn with hatred, persecution, despair, famine, sickness will come!!!!! ...

Hell will break out on Earth!

My people, my ungrateful people, what evil have I done to you? Return to the Creator God, do not close your heart to your God, for in Him alone is salvation.

Now I will make my voice thunder, my wrath will be terrible!

I am tired of seeing you tremble, unsure of what I announce to you through my prophets.

Ring the bells in celebration, "Jesus returns!"

He comes to remedy evil, He comes to bind Satan in hell, He comes to give freedom to all His children.

Mary Most Holy will now manifest herself in the homes of her children, she will show herself as Mother of Jesus and yours, she will exhort you to conversion and guide you to her Son Jesus; give her obedience, abandon yourselves in her hands, her womb will give birth to new ones.

The earth will be purified, nothing impure will remain, its appearance will be transformed: ... love and happiness will be enjoyed by its new inhabitants because God will baptize them new in the Holy Spirit and fire.

Heaven trembles at the expectation of embracing its children again, God the Father shouts his joy: "My children, soon we shall be one!"

Pray, do penance, the time has come to be read in all its parts.