Abandonment and trust in God


Abandonment and trust in God in no way lead us to passivity, which in many cases would be negligence, laziness or complicity. We must fight physical and moral evil with the means at our disposal, knowing that this effort, with many results or apparently with none, is pleasing to God and the origin of many supernatural and human fruits. In the face of illness, besides accepting it and offering the sufferings and pains that it brings with it, we will put the remedy that the case requires: to go to the doctor, to rest, to take the medicine that is indicated to us.... And injustice, social inequality, the hardship of so many... will lead us Christians, together with other men of good will, to seek the resources or the solutions that seem most suitable to us, and we will react in the same way to the ignorance and lack of education of so many people.... Nothing could be more alien to the Christian spirit than a misunderstood trust in God that would lead us to remain inactive in the face of suffering and need in whatever form it may take.

God is our Father and he takes loving care of us, but he counts on the intelligence and good sense of his children to follow the path he wants to lead us on, and also on fraternal love to act through us in the lives of other children of his. He has given us talents to put them constantly into play. We sanctify ourselves even when, in applying the means required by the case, it seems to us that we have failed, that they have not given the expected result. The Lord sanctifies the "failures" that originate after having put in place the means that seemed opportune, but He does not bless the omissions, because He treats us as intelligent children, of whom He expects them to bring into play the adequate remedies.

Let us apply in each case what is on our part, and then, omnia in bonum! everything will be for the best. The results, apparently good or bad, will lead us to love God more, never to separate ourselves from Him. In the sense of divine filiation we will find the protection and paternal warmth that we all need. "If you have confidence in Him and courageous spirits, which His Majesty is a great friend of this, there is no fear that you will lack anything," writes St. Teresa after a long experience. Together with the Lord all battles are won, even if, apparently, some are lost.