A soul in Purgatory said...

(...) the greatest and best alms of true Love that we can give is to offer any suffrage for the souls of the faithful departed during their stay in Purgatory, which will shorten it in time and make it more bearable.

In the message of November 4, 2000, a soul in Purgatory said: "Thank you, thank you for so many prayers dedicated to our souls. Thank you because many of us have not received a single prayer from our loved ones. We have received tears, but no prayers, and the tears have not helped us at all.

Look, my sister, what horrible suffering our souls feel, because we lack prayer, and what a relief we feel when prayer comes to us; for the greatest torment there is on earth is the least that we suffer here. You cannot compare the torments of Earth with the torments of Purgatory; the least is more painful than any suffering on Earth however great and however painful it may be. Our pain is greater than any pain, because we desire to see God, we have immense longings to see God. Pray for us, so that we can go to the Creator.

Many of us are here for millions of years, because there is so little prayer. Our families love us and love us very much, but when we cease to exist, they only shed tears, they do not pray or hear the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which has so much value for us. Make suffrages for us, offer us prayers, and we will also collaborate with you one day, to help you. See how much a single prayer full of charity and love can do. Later on she added: "Charity is of great value to calm our sorrows and to reach the Glory, prayer and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Pray for us. Thank you again.

May these words touch our hearts and may we keep in mind our brothers and sisters who have gone before us and who now need our prayers and sacrifices in order to finally reach the definitive dwelling place, Heaven.