More data on the shelters revealed to Fr Oliveira

Here we will talk about the message that the Brazilian priest Fr Oliveira received compared to the one Fr Rodrigué received, and the other additional revelations he had, which shed light on how the tribulation is already being processed in our time within the Church. .

On May 12, 2020, Father Oliveira had an interior locution during a retreat for priests.

It was manifested to him that the Warning is approaching, that the days of trial are on the horizon, like a coming storm. 

It is already possible to see on the horizon the heavy clouds and storm lights. 

The sound of thunder can already be heard.

The sign of the Lord will be great and the world will be amazed at His power.

Here He is speaking of the miracle prophesied at Garabandal. 

But soon after He gives the sign, science in the service of the powerful will convince many that it is a natural phenomenon, or something that does not need divine intervention to happen.

The children of light, however, will know that it is a sign for them to walk to the shelters. 

A cross on the forehead of the children of light will be the mark. 

The forehead of a child of light will have that luminous cross that only a few will be able to see.

But evil is so cunning and malicious that many, in many parts of the world, will receive the other mark, that of the beast, without knowing it. 

Others will flee so as not to receive the mark. 

And others will receive the mark to help the children of light. 

For, in the future, whoever does not have this mark will not be able to buy or sell. 

Then some spiritual martyrs will offer their bodies to help the children of light. They will suffer much, they will become sick and confused. The Lord, however, will send his angels to help these poor sufferers.

The people will see a flame before their eyes. 

They should follow this flame, for it is the Holy Spirit who will be pointing them to a refuge. 

Follow that flame. 

The person who has the flame above his head, and not in front of him, is because he is already in a shelter.

In the refuges they will again see the wonders that the apostles once experienced. 

And they will be protected by angels of great power and communication will again be spiritual. 

The Lord will not forsake the children of light. 

Angels will bring Holy Communion to those who will take refuge in their shelters. 

Priests totally devoted to their Lord will be bilocated or mysteriously transported to different places to attend to the children of light. 

Some priests will die of exhaustion, but that will be a great honor for them.

Just before the judgment, the Lord will warn many priests and consecrated people. 

Already many souls all over the world are being warned of these things. 

There will be a real multitude, an army formed and led by Our Lady.

She will personally warn many throughout the world, just before all these events happen. 

Our Lady will be the great general and, together with her children, will march to the final battle.

Before this battle, however, the world will see the battle for the chair of Peter, that is, for the papacy.

The devil knows that hell will never defeat the Church, which is why he wants the throne of Peter so badly. 

The war for the Petrine chair has already begun. 

This war is the prelude to the battle of the Queen.

For his part, in 2019, Father Michel Rodrigué, a French-speaking Canadian, Founder and Superior of the Saint Benedict Joseph Labre Fraternity, received messages from God the Father about the physical shelters that God has planned for the most dangerous moment of the tribulation.

And a year later, Father Oliveira, a very low-profile Brazilian priest, parish priest in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, who for years has received mystical visions and prophetic revelations from God, had a similar message. 

Let's start with the main information Father Michel Rodrigué received.

God the Father told him that the refuge during the coming tribulation will be the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

But that the Lord has prepared different physical shelters all over the world, to welcome the faithful, as in the days of Noah. 

After the Warning, within the same year, will come the Miracle that was prophesied in Garabandal and a miraculous sign will remain in the place of the true apparitions.

And after this will come the fury of the tribulation.

God the Father showed her the shelters for that moment, He told her "look now and see the net of the Holy Spirit".

And he showed him all the shelters in the world, a map with lights revealing where all the shelters were.  

All the shelters will be connected to each other. 

And in them the faithful will spend the 3 1/2 years of the tribulation.

Some are already in them, because their home is already a refuge, and others will be rehoused in them.

People from each refuge will be chosen as messengers and will communicate with other refuges. 

Each chosen one will see a small flame in front of him, if he is called to go to a refuge, already from the time we are passing through and until the most difficult moment of the tribulation. 

The guardian angel will show him this flame which will guide him to a refuge of the Father.

If you must move to another place, he will guide you on the path that leads you there. 

The Father will decide if the shelter will be permanent or temporary.

He told you that a permanent shelter will have a well and that will be the sign that it is a permanent shelter.

When the angel shows you the flame that you must follow to the refuge where He wants you to be, you will be strengthened in the Holy Spirit, and your emotions will be neutralized. 

Your heart will agree with the Holy Spirit, which is the love of Christ and the Father. 

He will lead you and you should not be afraid. 

When people enter a refuge, many will be healed of major illnesses, so that they will not be a burden to others, although they will continue to suffer the normal pains of human beings on Earth.

God showed him that when that time comes, the people in the shelters will not miss anything. 

They will not miss the Eucharist because He will have prepared the priests to go from place to place.

There will also be a priest serving each shelter, and when the priest is gone, the angel will bring the Sacred Host for the people to receive communion.

The person will not be sad for not going out, but happy for what he will see happening outside. 

He will only be concerned with doing the will of the Father and his heart will not be troubled by sadness and weariness. 

She will be protected and provided for, needing only the basics and Jesus will multiply what everyone has. 

Father Rodrigué says that he has visited a shelter, and there they had plenty of food. 

And he told them, "Don't worry, if Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000 people, he can multiply your food for a few years. He has no problem with that."

Just have some reserves, God will multiply your food when you go there.

In every shelter there will be an angel of the Lord who will prevent anyone who does not have the sign of the cross on his forehead from entering. 

And from the shelter, you will see the hunters who are under satan's control, pass by outside the shelter. 

Sometimes they will be seen as an army, sometimes as a person working for the new world order. 

They will be seen passing by, but they will not see the refuge.

They will not be able to hear, see, or enter the shelter.

The people in the shelter will not carry cell phones and will leave the car far away from the shelter.

They will not use the Internet and will throw away the computer, television, and any kind of electronic devices, because the devil has worked on these products before. 

He has implemented within them the means to find you wherever you are.

Many already have the sign of the cross, which only very few can see, and many will desire it. 

All who have received the desire of God, the feeling that they need salvation, will be marked on their forehead with that luminous cross by the guardian angel.

And if the person has consecrated his house to be a refuge, not only the dwelling will be protected by the angel of the Lord, but also all its inhabitants. 

This means that if someone comes to the house with the spirit of the demon, the demon will stay outside. 

The person can pass through, but the spirit will wait for him outside until he leaves, it will not enter.