New York will disappear from the map

Carbonia 27.11.2022

The great purification of the Earth.

The Eternal Father confronts this Humanity and calls it to repentance.

Repent, oh men, repent! 

The dark night is coming, the cold will enter your souls, the weeping and the gnashing of teeth for all those who have not taken refuge in Me, the one true God, the Creator. He who can do all things.

The Earth is passing through its passion, it warns man with its painful tremors: ... earthquakes and landslides.

The sun hurls its tongues of fire at the Earth.

The hail strikes with force!

Water floods the earth.

Yet man remains indifferent, ... he waits for everything to recover: ... poor men!!! My children, when you realize the disaster that is coming upon you, it will be too late.

My children, I call you again, with much patience and love, to conversion, I ask for your salvation!

Do not be foolish, oh men, listen to the cry of your Father in Heaven, who loves you so much and longs to shelter you in His House.

The ocean is rising, ... It will soon crash upon the shores with force! 

New York will disappear from the map. 

America, America, you were once beautiful in Me, today you have become desolate by turning away from My Laws in favor of Satan's: you will be subjected to great pain, you will lose your luster, your lights will be extinguished, you will become a slave of the enemy.

I will send my angels to gather the children who are still faithful to me, then my arm will come down and it will be the end of you, oh America!

Lightning on Rome!!! I will eradicate Satan from My House. Enough!

My beloved children, as God and Father, I come to shake you from the slumber that grips your soul, open your eyes, devastation is now upon you, repent now before it is too late.

Heaven is impatient to have its children back.

It will not be long before the Creator God intervenes with the great purification of the Earth. Amen!