Sister Cristina leaves religious life

              Sister Cristina making a satanic sign  in one of her shows

Sister Cristina Scuccia, 34, (an infiltrator?), a star in Italy’s Novus Ordo Church. She won the talent show The Voice of Italy with Alicia Keys’ song No One.

The very embarrassing video got 111M views, an unrefutable sign that its content is complete rubbish.

On November 20, with a ring in her nose, Scuccia announced on Verissimo, another cheap TV show, that she had given up her vows and wanted to pursue a full-time career as a pop singer.

Scuccia entered the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family in 2009, made her noviciate in Brasil, and pronounced her vows in 2012. In the same year, she began performing as a pop singer in religious habit.

Drawing on Francis' empty formulas, she explained on Verissimo that she was looking back on her religious life "with a deep sense of gratitude” saying that "change is a sign of evolution" but "always frightening because it is easier to anchor oneself in one's certainties than to question oneself", thus presenting her infidelity as a kind of heroic act.

She questioned whether "there is such a thing as right or wrong" and replied, "I believe that with courage you just have to listen to your heart [= ego]."

Scuccia believes that "musical success has not detracted from her vocation, but rather encouraged a path of growth," implying that following Christ was too little for her.

She is currently working as a waitress in Spain. In her new/old life, she doesn't want to close herself off to love: "It's not my priority, but I've always believed in it."

In March 2019, Scuccia said she admired pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and pro-blasphemy activist Lady Gaga.

She also performed a provocative and sensual song by Madonna (called: 'Like a virgin'), unbecoming of a nun.