This moon is not like the others, the Great Tribulation begins -Carbonia

Carbonia 07.11.2022 (21.04)

God calls this Humanity, now under the guidance of Satan.

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, call this Humanity now under the guidance of Satan to urgent repentance.

It is necessary that:

God's people urgently return to Him,

to turn away from the false lights of this world, from the deceptions of the accursed Ancient Serpent. He crawls, he crawls! With his hissing he calls to man, who listens and is seduced.

You are in Lucifer's snare, O men, you do not want to listen to the Voice of Him who is your Creator God and you pay attention to the abominable Evil; you indulge in it.

Ah, what pain! How much pain to see you so weak before his call instead of that of your God-Love.

You are losing your life, O men, hell will be your abode if you do not repent NOW!

Awake, O men, awake! Have the desire for the "Things" of God.

Flee. Flee, my children, flee.

Satan catches you with his deadly claws: you are his coveted prey!

His challenge to God: succeed in driving you away from Him!

This moon is not like the others, but it marks the time of the great tribulation for those who will not have converted, for those who will not have remained in their God-Love.

The earth will tremble and there will be great pain.

Oh, Italy, my Italy!

Arise now...

It is urgent that you return to me.

Save Italy!

Save yourselves, my children, save yourselves.

Do not waste any more time in the miseries of this world.

Man... provide for the salvation of your soul!

The Earth is about to undergo its transformation; everything will be different, you will no longer see what you have known until now.

The Earth will change its appearance! Weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who will not have believed in the calls of Heaven and will not have taken measures for their conversion.

The House of God awaits her children..... the time has come to return home, my children!

Convert now, desire to embrace the One who created you and who is waiting for you to enjoy true life in Him.