BXVI speaks out

Benedict XVI congratulated Dom Louis Blancon, 35, in January 2022 to his election as Abbot of Notre-Dame de Triors Monastery, Drôme, France.

Triors was founded by the Roman Rite Benedictine Fontgombault Monastery. 

Benedict's address was published on LaNef.net (December 1). The monastery has 43 monks. Blancon was elected in November 2021.

Benedict XVI expresses his understanding that Blancon is “somewhat apprehensive about the big task” that awaits him because of his young age, “especially since I myself have had a similar experience.” Ratzinger was appointed Munich Archbishop at the age of 49.

For Benedict, it is essential “not to carry out a personal project” [as Francis does] but to be a servant of unity, “In the present confusion, it is important that we do not defend just any theory, but that we simply live in the faith of the Church, according to the tradition conveyed in her Creed and in the Rule of St. Benedict.”

On a sentimental note, “Our great Church today is in real need of dew of consolation.” 

If Blancon obeys Benedict's words, he will soon be removed by Francis.