Bergoglio expels 2 nuns and keeps 50 M€.

Francis Dissolves Convent, Nuns on the StreetThe Vatican shows a “hard fist” to two nuns of Santa Chiara in Ravello, Italy, reports (February 4).

The nuns have been trying to save their community for two years. There were three of them, Sisters Massimiliana Panza, Angela Maria Punnacka and Cristina Fiore, 97, who is in need of care. The order of Poor Clares wanted the monastery sold, but the three nuns donated it to the Holy See. Then, the order expelled the nuns.

The value of the monastery is €50-60M. Francis accepted the "donation" and signed the order to leave.

Last June, the Vatican wanted to transfer the nuns to three different convents, but they refused.

Absurdly, they were hoping for an "act of charity" from Francis. Instead, the Vatican forcibly (!) dissolved the solemn religious vows of Sisters Massimiliana and Angela - without them having committed any offence - as if their vows were not made to God but to some Vatican bureaucrat.

Sisters Massimiliana and Angela were kicked out on Friday with nowhere to go. The people of Ravello bid them farewell with warmth and affection.

Three sisters from a new community have now moved into the building. They will look after Sister Cristina who has stayed behind.