I will do it so that Satan does not take you with him -Carbonia

Carbonia 07.02.2023

The war has begun, the earth trembles and fractures ...

Today the sun is high!

My Intervention is near!

Behold, I mark the Earth with My Finger; shortly all will fall.

I am tired of this perverse Humanity!

I have decreed the day of My Intervention.

These are the last hours that I grant to humanity for its conversion. Time is very short: Heaven already announces the great defeat of the foolish.

Sound the shofar, sound it for the gathering of My children.

Purify yourselves, oh men, My wrath will be terrible on those who do not find in Me, on those who do not listen to the Voice of their Creator God.

I grieve, I lose My children:

They reject Me,

they still follow the cursed serpent,

they fall yielded to his charms,

they lend themselves to his game,

they collapse like bowling pins at his call. My poor children!!!!

Here I am, I am ready!

Play and sing, my children, you who have stripped yourselves of the things of the world to follow Me, your Father, for, for you, true life in Me begins.

Behold, My New Paradise on Earth opens to My New People, those who are faithful to Me, a cultured people, prepared in My Word, waiting to return to Me, their God of Love.

My people, you will not delay to see My Face, you will celebrate with your God your salvation.

America, China, Russia, Iran, ... are ready for nuclear attack; the fury of the Devil reigns, soon, the Earth will be a fiery furnace.

A war is being waged,

the earth trembles and creaks,

the mountains crumble,

volcanoes erupt with force,

fire burns here and there,

seas rise,

rivers overflow,

hail and torrential rains over much of the Earth,

but my children are blind! 

                        They are deaf to My call to salvation!

Well, now it is My turn: ... My poor children!!!

I will do it so that Satan will not take you with him, I will awaken you with great suffering, I will do it to save you. Then and only then will you cry out My Holy Name asking for help because only then will you understand that only God can save you, .... I will provoke your hearts! Amen