Prepare yourselves for the Warning!

Carbonia 04.02.2023

Mary Most Holy is with you, handmaid of the Lord.

Put all your love for Jesus, my daughter, and do not allow yourself to deviate from His Laws.

Heaven is now waiting to recover its Sons, God the Father weeps all His sorrow for those who do not want to listen to His Call of Salvation.

Beloved Sons, prepare for the Warning!

The thunder is felt throughout the Earth,

the clouds in the sky are preparing to discharge torrential rains,

the world will change its appearance,

fire will suddenly break out 

and the acrid smell of corpses will be everywhere.

My children, this message is not a joke, but it is what Heaven announces so that its children may be prepared for the event.

My charity is in all of you who listen and follow my Son Jesus, He is the one who will give you joy and eternal life.

A satellite is about to fall to Earth and others will follow.

The Earth's rotation is being influenced by the affected solar vortex.

I must inform you that soon you will be in great trouble: 

a blackout will hit the Earth, ... the darkness will come in,

everything will stop!

You will no longer have communication.

God will speak to the hearts of His children; ...His people will be gathered in the shelters He has asked for, only those who have borne good fruits will be housed. 

Mary Most Holy, Coredemptrix of the Work of Salvation, will accompany her Sons gathered in these shelters and will prepare them for the great battle, the final challenge against Satan.

The hour of the great Warning has come.

The world does not listen; it continues to go in search of things that will be lost while the Sons of God wait with anxious love to be embraced by the Father.

This is a time of hard trials, therefore I ask with Motherly love that you prepare yourselves spiritually for this great event.

Jesus recommends conversion. Amen.

I welcome you in Me, my children: abandon yourselves in My arms. Amen!