Sister Consolata and St. Joseph

When my father died, I immediately asked St. Joseph to replace him. And so this dear saint has become my father and protector.

When I was grieving because my father was in purgatory and Jesus would not release him until Alleluia on Holy Saturday, St. Joseph told me that he was sending Jesus to him and that my father would be released from purgatory on Good Friday. He kept his promise and on Good Friday, during Mass, in a quick vision, I saw my father released from pain and leave purgatory.

Just after my father was released, he appeared to me all happy as soon as he came out of purgatory, accompanied by my brother-in-law, Teresa's husband, whose name was Teresio. My father spoke to me in dialect and told me that I was going to paradise. He thanked me for my prayers and said, "Ciao, Pierina, I will pray for you," and disappeared.

On the night of May 16, 1940 I dreamed of Teresio (my brother-in-law who had died suddenly at the age of 33). He appeared to me happily and said: "Pierina, I have come to greet you because we will not see each other again until you enter paradise. As relatives, we kissed and Teresio disappeared.

About his brother-in-law Teresio wrote: He was an upright soul towards God and towards men. He would have preferred to die rather than break his word. And this uprightness was carved on his face and was the driving force of all his work. For this he was loved and mourned by all.

One day Consolata was thinking about Teresio and why he had gone so quickly to heaven. She said: He appeared to me and obtained many graces for me and, if I prayed to him, he immediately came to me as if he were a great saint. What did he do on earth? Nothing extraordinary. Like all men, he had enjoyed and worked, accepting the problems of life, but nothing of cilices or fasting. Jesus gave me to understand that he had fulfilled the commandments and He had immediately given him paradise.

Another day the Virgin Mary appeared to me and told me that she had obtained for me the gift of a holy death. I approached her and knelt down beside her, who was all dressed in white, and renewed my two vows: to be immaculate of the mind and not only of a thought; of the tongue and not only of a word.

Jesus spoke to me on September 10, 1936: Do not think about your death and what will happen in those last moments, I will think about it. I think of everything down to the smallest details, making you find time for everything.

St. Joseph promised me on November 9, 1935: Consolata, I will help you in your mission and assist you at the last moment. I am the protector of the dying and the terror of the demons. In your last hours of agony, Mother Superior will represent you before Our Lady; I will not represent you, I will be at your side spiritually. Are you happy?

On March 21, 1942, Jesus said to her: "Think only of loving and saving souls. On your death, on the day, the hour, the minute, we think: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Consolata prayed a lot for the souls in purgatory. She used to say: I fall asleep in the evening with the Stations of the Cross and after Matins I pray the rosary and one hundred Requiem for them. The Virgin Mary and the blessed souls help me to wake up in the morning.

After the death of Father Sales' mother, she wrote to him and said:

I did not have to pray much for her, because Jesus made me understand that at the first Mass celebrated (you) your mother had entered heaven.Many blessed souls came to thank you for your prayers, when they went to heaven.