(The AntiChrist) will turn your life upside down —Carbonia

Carbonia 01.02.2023

You are about to meet the person who will turn your life upside down.

Beloved children, I am with you at this time of difficult journey, do not be afraid to go forward, your God will accompany you.

Mary Most Holy, Immaculate Virgin, comes to you to lead you to Me; she will help you to overcome all difficulties and she will announce to you the truths of God.

In my House I await men of faith, I await my last Apostles: those of the last times, those who with so much zeal visited my Altars and prostrated themselves before Me, their God of Love.

The Truth is upon you, oh men: open your hearts, listen to the voice of your Creator God; do not lose yourselves in the flatteries of the adversary.

The metamorphosis of man is taking place at the hands of Satan, his assassins are maneuvering man to their will.

Do not be foolish, oh men, listen to my cry of pain, may the right vision of things come to you, you have not been created to end up in the miseries of the Devil, but to be men of light and love: .... living beings and not zombies!

I am about to intervene to put an end to this cursed dictatorship of iniquitous man; I want to displace the Devil: in his pride he will fall.

Dear children,

you are about to meet the one who will turn your lives upside down by subjecting you to great pain;

he will present himself as a good and holy man,

he will deceive the people with his false miracles

and will drag many souls to himself.

I warn you, my children:

do not give in to his illusions and place yourselves safely in Me.

I will now lift My hand over the wicked,

I will transform this unlivable life into a new life in Me,

I will cast down from their thrones the mighty of this world

And I will give peace to My Children.

The hour of My Intervention has come,

the end of this history of evil is near,

I will clothe My Sons with Myself and I will raise with them the Chalice of Salvation,

I will demonstrate to the world My Power as One and True God.

And I will no longer permit evil.

Come, my children, follow me; the hours of my Coming draw near, ... all is in Me.

I bless My people, Amen!