Vatican Refuses ALL Requests To Celebrate Trad. Mass

The current Vatican will not give "permissions" to priests ordained after Traditionis Custodes to celebrate Mass, (February 24) has learned. has reported on this rigidity several times since Traditionis custodes. The latest Francis rescript claims that bishops must seek permission from the Dicastery for Divine Worship to "allow" a newly-ordained priest to offer Mass.

Father Gerald Murray told (February 23) that the July 2021 text of Traditionis Custodes states that the bishop is only required to “consult” with the Holy See regarding newly-ordained priests.

Only a later Latin translation, the existence of which was unknown until Cardinal Roche issued the Responsa (December 2021), changed the wording to say that the bishop must “ask for permission” from the Holy See.

In reality, however, neither Francis nor Roche have the authority to forbid a priest in good standing from celebrating Mass.