You are about to meet the Antichrist…. Carbonia

Carbonia 31.01.2023

You are on the verge of meeting the Antichrist...

Beloved children, in My infinite Love I come to implore your conversion; I ardently desire to tear you away from this world of evil, I long to have you back with Me, to bring you back to Me to live the true life in Me.

The Door of My Garden is open for those who follow My Doctrine, ...for those who, with so much love, dedicate themselves to the things of their Father who is in Heaven.

You are about to meet the Antichrist, My children, beware! ...with his charm he will capture many souls.

Be vigilant!

Let your hearts be turned to Me, longing for the things of God.

Maintain purity of heart, steadfast in your faith in Christ the Lord, that you may not fall into deception.

Pay no attention to the words of the wicked man.

Do not be obstinate, forsake the Evil, ... turn to the Good!

God wants to save His children, but they must abandon themselves to Him, body and soul.

My children, the world will not give you life, but only your God-Love, your Creator, your only Good.

An infinity of lights, they illuminate the earth; ... they shine, ... but they are false lights!

My poor children, oh you who believe in the Lie, truly I tell you:

Open your eyes,

Turn away from the brightness that attracts you,

Satan is on the prowl,

he will try by every means in his power to turn you away from the Truth, and he will do it by deception.

Again I call upon men to watchfulness: ... beware of what is shown to you: deception is in the world.

These are the last pleas of the Father to a people who have gone astray, who can no longer find their way home because Satan has blinded them.

It is the Creator God who calls His children back to Himself so that they do not get lost, so that they do not fall into Satan's deadly net: ... his cursed plan is to take them with him to Hell.

God weeps for his creature fallen into the miseries of Lucifer, ... He weeps for God Love, for God the Creator!

What God and what Father will keep the Power over His Children: ... He will intervene to bring them back to Himself.

The Voice of the Creator thunders from the heights of His Heaven!

From Mount Zion resounds His cry of woe, His wrath will fall upon the traitors.

Repent, men! Repent! Repent! Repent!