Cardinal Herranz is very lost

Retired Opus Dei Cardinal Julián Herranz, 92, told (March 6) that Francis suffers “martyrdom” for trying “to unite the two currents of the Church"(sic!).

• Herranz denounces the attempt to contrast Francis with Benedict XVI and the attacks of "both progressive [who?] and traditionalist extremists" against Francis.

• “Francis and Benedict XVI have given us a master class on the role of the Pope Emeritus. They have been years of admirable loyalty to each other.”

• “I never heard him [= Benedict] make negative comments or judgments about Francis.”

• Herranz says he read that Benedict XVI threw out someone who went to him to speak ill of Francis.

• “To me, he once confided that he was happy to see how much affection and sympathy Francis aroused among the people.”

• When Francis asked Benedict what to do, Benedict replied, "You are the Pope, you are the one who can decide".

• “Of the six Pontiffs, perhaps the devil has been especially cruel to two, Paul VI and Francis.”

• Paul VI was a “martyr” and “they are doing something very similar” to Francis.

• “With the Gospel in hand, he [= Francis] tries to unite and integrate the variety of sensibilities existing in the People of God” and “strives to apply the ecclesiology of communion of Vatican II.”

• The synodal path is “nothing more” than stressing the fundamental equality and co-responsibility of all the baptised, faithful and pastors, in the common evangelising mission.

Herranz believes he knows very well who Francis is, the strange thing is that he knows nothing of the 5 theological errors of Amoris Laetitia, of Bergoglio's attack on the usual Mass, of the Pachamama idolatrous exhibition in the Vatican, of his support for homosexual groups such as the New Ways Ministry or the Jesuit J. Martin, of the Bergoglio nominations for Eucharistic sacrilege of Cupich, McElroy, Hollerich..., of the nonsense of Abu Dhabi etc, of their permission to commune the abortionist Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, of the dismantling of the Pontifical Academy for Life, filling it with non-Catholic people, eugenicists and abortionists, of the persecution of priests and conservative religious orders….. Ferraz