Enemies of the Church run the Vatican —Schneider

Rupnik case and Frank Pavone case:

Even the excommunication itself, revoked so quickly, goes against the usual rule of Canon Law intended to allow sufficient time to repair the scandal in penance.

Consequently, he was treated in a privileged manner, while Frank Pavone was punished in the most severe manner known to the Church. We can reasonably ask ourselves why he was punished like this, it is a scandal, a serious injustice, and it will go down in the history of the Church. A shame, a scandal and an injustice.

And this shows that those in power in the Vatican are more likely to show sympathy towards those who promote errors and heresies, as demonstrated by the appointments, even of cardinals, including the appointment of Mrs. Mazzucato [in the Pontifical Academy for Life ].

This is an offense and a humiliation for all the faithful who fight without concessions to defend human life.

The Holy See uses two weights and two measures. There are privileged public heretics, there are public sinners and they are treated in a special privileged way. Like Father James Martin, who publicly promotes the heresy of homosexuality.

There are enemies of the Catholic Church who are occupying high-ranking positions and I would say that they are abusing our Holy Mother Church.

And I wonder who helped these heretics, cardinals, bishops and priests, to reach such high positions? Church history will tell us, and basically they are abusing our Holy Mother Church, which is shackled by these high-ranking heretic clerics. They chain our mother, they imprison Christ and the Truth.

But they will not succeed, they forget that the Church is divine, not human, and one day God will say: enough, go away cardinals, bishops, heretic priests who distort the liturgy, who persecute the Catholic tradition, who live in immorality. And God will surely judge them, and the history of the Church will judge them. And again he will give us Popes who will primarily fulfill their main God-given office of unambiguously strengthening the Catholic faith, defending the flock from wolves, and courageously opposing world powers. These new Popes will come, and with them will be the little ones, whose tears have been shed for the Church.

It is a slow process aimed at establishing a new purely humanist religion, contrary to divine Revelation, the divine revelation that is Jesus, so it is evident that the intention of this movement is to found a religion based on relativism, to venerate Nature, Pachamama or man. And this is the most dangerous movement, because it aims to become the only world religion. One World Religion.

And sometimes I have the impression, due to certain attitudes, that some high-ranking exponents in the Vatican are also promoting these movements towards the only world religion with gestures and attitudes.

The Holy See, the Church of Peter should be the first to oppose this world religion. My hope is that the Pope and the bishops will receive from God the strength to oppose this new pagan world religion.

Originally published in Italian on March 3, 2023, at https://www.marcotosatti.com/2023/03/03/schneider-nemici-della-chiesa-occupano-alte-posizioni-in-vaticano/