Francis is not ashamed

Funeral of Popes: Francis Wants to Remove "What Is Not Correct”

He was “a little ashamed” to be in a wheelchair, Francis told (published, March 10), “I am old. I have less physical endurance, the knee injury was a physical humiliation, although it is healing well now.”

But he is not ashamed to carry out the complete demolition of the Church, to consummate the directives to allow sacrilegious communions with his false mercy painting of a Christ who admits sin, nor to drive Catholics away from the true religion.

For Francis, his Church is “not a home for some” [the faithful] and “not selective” but for all [except Catholics].

Asked why Benedict’s funeral service was so “sober”, Francis replied that he wanted to show that Benedict was “not a reigning pope”, even though no pope reigns once he has died.

Francis has given an order to change [= trivialise] the ceremony for the funerals of popes and and to remove things that "are not liturgically correct.” Francis is implying that the Novus Ordo Church has not even been capable of properly conducting a papal funeral. F