Francis told me umpteen lies —Cardinal

A few days ago, Francis sent his emissary Cardinal Ghirlanda to tell the Roman clergy that “Francis is the Bishop of Rome, not Cardinal Vicar De Donatis” whom he disempowered.

But, after Easter, when he should have ordained “his” priests, Francis will be in Hungary.

The news reached the diocese through the media. So, the priests will be ordained by … De Donatis. (March 6) quotes a local priest, "If Francis wants to be the bishop of Rome, let him do it seriously.”

Francis is known for saying one thing and doing another. (March 6) quotes a cardinal who served the Vatican for a long time and was kicked out by Francis: “Francis told me umpteen lies, and one day I will tell them one by one.”

Francis said that he “knew nothing” about the Rupnik case although he had spoken to several priests about it before the scandal broke.

He said he had accepted to be a bishop because his superiors had given a positive assessment while Father Kolvenbach, the Jesuit general at the time, had warned the Vatican about the problems Bergoglio had created as a Jesuit provincial.

Francis says “gossip is a deadly weapon that kills brotherhood", but he asks people detailed questions about individuals to get useful information, a prelate told