How they help us

 "... And the angels came and ministered unto him." The guardian angels have the mission of helping every man to reach his supernatural end. I will send an angel before you," says the Lord to Moses, "to defend you on the way and to bring you to the place I have appointed for you. And the Roman Catechism comments: "For just as parents, when their children need to travel on bad and dangerous roads, have people accompany them to guard and defend them from dangers, so our heavenly Father, on this journey which we undertake for the heavenly Fatherland, gives each of us angels so that, fortified by their power and help, we may free ourselves from the snares furtively prepared by our enemies and repel the terrible assaults which they make upon us; And that with such guides we may follow the straight path, so that no error interposed by the enemy may be able to separate us from the road that leads to heaven".

The mission of the guardian angels, therefore, is to help man against all temptations and dangers, and to bring to his heart good inspirations. They are our intercessors, our guardians, and they lend us their help when we invoke them. "The Saints intercede for men, while the Guardian Angels not only pray for men, but act around them. If on the part of the blessed there is intercession, on the part of the angels there is intercession and direct intervention: they are at the same time advocates of men close to God and ministers of God close to men."

The Guardian Angel can also give us material help, if it is convenient for our supernatural purpose or for that of others. Let us not hesitate to ask his favor in the little material things we need every day: to find parking for the car, not to miss the bus, help in an exam we have studied for, etc. They can especially collaborate with us in the apostolate, in the fight against temptations and against the devil, and in prayer. "The angels, besides bringing our news to God, bring the helps of God to our souls and feed them as good shepherds, with sweet communications and divine inspirations. The angels defend us from the wolves, which are the demons, and protect us".

The Guardian Angel is to be treated as a dear friend. He is always vigilant, constantly ready to lend us his assistance, if we ask him for it. It is a great pity when, through forgetfulness, lukewarmness or ignorance, we do not feel accompanied by such a faithful companion, or when we do not ask him for help on so many occasions when we need it. We are never alone in temptation or difficulty, our Angel assists us; he will be by our side until the very moment we leave this world.

At the end of life, the Guardian Angel will accompany us before the judgment seat of God, as the liturgy of the Church manifests in the prayers for the recommendation of the soul at the moment of death.