Man will suffer the fall of technology and will feel alone

Carbonia 10.03.2023

It is strictly forbidden to transgress God's Commandments!

I am God the Father, your one true God!

Beloved children, truly I tell you: My help is in you, you are My children and I call you to Me for the good that I love you.

The Black Sea will soon burst with a fury never seen before, in its terrible agitation it will strike the Earth.

Soon, you will hear sounds unknown to you coming from space!

Man will try to understand where it comes from, but God will no longer allow men of science to know.

Man's choice has been to

to run to Evil,

to go in his ways, denying me the Creator God.

Men have chosen to run towards the infernal world: the world led by Lucifer; now they will understand the great error!

Oh, all of you, hasten to Me, listen to My call of Salvation, and you will never again be drawn into Satan's evil.

The sun casts mighty flames toward the earth!

Man will suffer the fall of technology and will feel alone,

his ordeal will begin with the very end of comfort.

Beloved children, you do not want to believe in my calls; ... your pride will lead you to suffer.

I return to manifest Myself to the world to save this Humanity that no longer wants to be "Mine". But, when everything will collapse, ... when hunger and despair will be upon them, then "in great suffering".

They will call upon Me,

they will prostrate themselves humbly before Me

and cry out for My Mercy.

God is the One who can do all things!

In His Immense Power, He will

will renew the Earth

and place man in His Right Hand,

He will save him from Hell. If he converts, he will be saved!

My people, I am your Creator God, what pain you have caused my Heart by betraying me still.

Arise, O man,

arise from your iniquities and return to your God Love,

turn your heart to Him, ask Him for forgiveness!

The opportunity of eternal life is still offered to you: 

Refuse it not, O man, receive this grace,

Save yourself, O man, save yourself!

The Queen of Love, waits with merciful love to embrace her Sons for herself! What a Mother awaits the awakening of your hearts: yearn with love for her Son Jesus.

Be lovers of Love!

Be merciful children of Love!

Show yourselves charitable to all your brothers,

and pray, pray, pray, pray that your Father in Heaven 

intervene before Evil devours you.

It is strictly forbidden: Transgress the Commandments of God!