Mary helps us to have delicacy of conscience

"To restore the right sense of sin is the first way to face the serious spiritual crisis that affects the man of our time".

In order to decisively face the struggle against venial sin, it is necessary to recognize it as such, as an offense against God that delays union with Him. It is necessary to call it by its name, without excuses, without diminishing its transcendental importance for the soul that truly wants to go to God. Movements of anger, envy or sensuality not promptly rejected; the desire to be the center of everything, to draw attention to oneself; to be concerned only with oneself, with one's own things and interests, losing the capacity to be interested in others; practices of piety done in a routine way, with little attention and little love; judgments made lightly and uncharitably about others..., constitute venial sins and not only faults or imperfections.

We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us to sincerely recognize our faults and sins, to have a delicate conscience that asks for forgiveness and does not justify its errors. "He who has a healthy sense of smell in his soul," said St. Augustine, "will feel how sins stink."

The saints have understood with complete clarity, in the light of faith and love, that a single sin - above all mortal sins, but also venial sins - constitutes a greater disorder than the worst cataclysm to devastate the earth, "for the good of the grace of a single man is greater than the natural good of the whole universe".

Let us foster a sincere repentance of our faults and sins, let us strive to remove all routine by going to the sacrament of divine Mercy. St. Francis de Sales advises: "Be truly sorry for the sins you confess, however slight they may be, and make a firm resolution of amendment for the future. There are many who lose great goods and much spiritual profit because, confessing venial sins as a habit and compliance, without thinking of making amends, they remain burdened with them all their lives".

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Refuge of sinners, will help us to have a delicate conscience to love Christ and all men, to be sincere with ourselves and in Confession, to be aware of our weaknesses and to know how to repent of them promptly.