McCarrick denies controversial abuse charges

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 92, denied abuse accusations one day after his lawyers filed a motion saying that he was unfit to stand trial because of dementia. (March 3) confronted McCarrick on the phone with the testimony of his accuser, James Grein, 64, and he replied it was “not true” referring the media activist to his lawyers.

Long before John Paul II made McCarrick a cardinal, it was no secret that McCarrick used to sleep with seminarians in his beach house in a double bed, however, without touching them.

Only in 2018, Grein, his main accuser, claimed by telling more or less credible stories that McCarrick raped him for 18 years starting age 11, also "during confession" - which in the presence of confessionals would be impossible to do. Abuse claims are very well remunerated by the intimidated bishops.

Despotic Francis laicised McCarrick without trial in 2019. Before, both had been good friends because they both belong to the anti-Catholic camp. McCarrick has also been a homosexual who corrupted people with donation money to climb up the career ladder.