Prophetic vision of Fr Oliveira

February 25 at 01:29 - 

On February 6, Father Oliveira was on the beach, fishing, resting. He was casting his net into the sea and the waves were tossing it back and forth.

At a certain point, he noticed that he was looking into the water and inexplicably felt the intuition to run away from where he was. He likes to fish and is familiar with the sea, so that bad feeling was strange to him.

He stood still, net in hand, trying to understand what was happening. The situation was similar to a panic attack, like a terror without cause. Then he had a vision:

A huge wave was coming towards him. The priest turned his back on it and returned to his chair, where his things were. When he looked down, he saw in the water the image of the U.S. flag, which seemed to be submerged. Everything had happened in a few seconds.

Then the phenomenon was over. There was no wave approaching, nor was there any flag on the ground. The priest sat back in his chair and asked God:

"Lord, why do you always show me things like this? I cannot understand what you want to tell me."

And he stayed there, still, in the same place. The bad feeling passed and the priest went back to fishing. He spent days discerning about the event.


Whether the meaning of the revelation is literal or symbolic, whether it is for the near or distant future, whether it is conditional or inevitable, none of that is clear, God did not want to reveal it. The divine language is broader than our imagination, so let us be patient because everything will become clear only in the time He wills.

Revelations like this are given to us so that we are prepared for the moment when a bad event confirms the prophecy. Even if such a situation in the future frightens us, we will remember that God has it under His control and will always be with His children.

Let us pray for the United States and for Divine Mercy.