The children of God will be safe from the asteroid


Offer yourselves for the salvation of your brothers, be the image and likeness of your God, perform acts of mercy and charity!!!! 

Carbonia, September 10, 2016

I am with you, you who are My jewels!

Beloved children, today your Heavenly Mother holds you tightly to Her bosom and carries you where all is love and charity.

Love one another and love the One who created you. 

Be pure as your God demands of you, adorn yourselves with Him, with His infinite Love, with His Heavenly All. Beloved ones, with you I will lead this last phase of history! 

With you at My side I will crush the head of the ancient serpent! 

With you My Immaculate Heart will triumph and you will be as beautiful as the stars, for you will shine with light and love. I rejoice in your faithful yes, in your being of God; I rejoice with you in earthly things, in those things that still hold you back, but which you will soon forget because you will meet the infinite beauties of Love, of Him who will open His Heaven to you and give you Wisdom and Beauty in Him. Beloved ones, enjoy these last passages of history, before passing on to a new life. 

Pray for your brothers who are far from Love and pray for the conversion of your loved ones.

Soon, all will have to appear before God, all will be submitted to Judgment!   

Therefore, help all these loved ones with your prayers and your fasting from the things of the world. Offer yourselves for the salvation of your brothers, be the image and likeness of your God, perform acts of mercy and charity. The asteroid is descending rapidly, soon the Earth will suffer the impact, but the children of God will be safe because their shelters are newly baptized, in the Holy Spirit!!!! Embrace prayer within yourselves, unite yourselves to the Blessed Sacrament. 

Comfort Jesus in all His pain, embrace Him in your heart and give Him only love, love, love! Soon He will descend from His Heaven and come to this Grotto, where the Blessed Mother will present Him to the world as the God of Mercy and Salvation! May this Place be respected and may it always be blessed by all His children, for here Grace will descend for mankind. I am with you in this portion of the Church and I am with you in this painful journey that leads you to the Glorious Cross, to the passage to the new and perfect life in Christ the Lord.

Salvation comes only from the One True God, from Jesus Christ. He who, out of love for His brothers, fulfilled the Divine command of the Father, so that the grace of resurrection might come upon you. 

I place My Immaculate Heart upon you and I bless you as Sons of Light, as Sons of Love, of Resurrection! 

May this blessing of Mine fall upon your families and upon all your loved ones. The Glorious Cross is about to appear in Heaven!!! The Victorious God returns to manifest Himself to this humanity still in sin, He comes to awaken the hearts of men, He comes to shake the hearts hardened by sin so that they may find the Light and convert to the Light! To the One Salvation! God offers you the last chance of salvation before the Warning, after which, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who do not accept the gift of the Living God. Therefore, turn to Him, to Him who created you and waits for you to give you a share as children of God!

I bless you and I await you at Holy Mass, where I will be present in the Eucharist with my Son Jesus. Mary Mother of Sorrows