The devil is preparing the entrance of the Antichrist —Carbonia

Carbonia 18.03.2020 -

My children, may your walk be always in Me, do not move your steps without Me, your Savior, commanding you and showing you the way. Darkness already envelops the world, but My intervention will illuminate it, the light will enter to banish the darkness.

There is prayer throughout the world, in these hours there is a great response to the appeals of Heaven.

My children, if you continue to pray fervently, you will soon be brought to salvation.

Your transgression has been great, O men, seek now to confess your sins and ask forgiveness of your loving God.

The Red Dragon has set his evil plan in motion, he will deceive the world.

Death is just around the corner, oh men, place yourselves in Me for only in Me will you have salvation.

The Devil is working in a big way, he is preparing for the entrance of the Antichrist, shall know the face of the Devil, oh men!

So much bitterness there is in Me for the atrocities of this people, for all their subterfuges. Beware, all peoples, for the Red Dragon is in his painful manifestation to the world.

Be in your homes united in prayer, courageously dedicate your lives for the salvation of your brothers.

The Earth still trembles and will tremble more and more.

The volcano that will terrify the world is erupting.

Rumors of wars and great catastrophes on this Earth! This Humanity is in its Gethsemane, its passion will be great. 

Oh men, you who have not believed in Me, who have worked hand in hand with Satan, now you will have your reward.

My beloved gentlemen, oh you who pray day and night, oh you who implore My soon return; oh you who implore My mercy, behold, truly I say to you: this Humanity will be sorely tried, but the days of pain will be shortened by your supplications and prayers.

Whoever thinks that this nightmare will end soon, that life will shine again as before, is mistaken! If God does not intervene, no man will be saved, death will come to massacre souls.

My Sacred Heart weeps, my tears are tears of blood, the Earth is wet with my Blood.... What do you intend, oh men?

You have killed the Savior! 

You have taken possession of his Church on Earth.

You have blasphemed and disowned Him who gave His life for you. In His infinite Love He gave Himself to save you, yet "NOW" you kill Him with your abominations.

You have become Satan's slaves! You kill each other's brothers! For a paltry earthly power, you kill your own flesh! O children of the devil you have become!

This Lent will be of great pain and death for those who do not repent in Me. I am the Chosen One! I am the One True God. Whoever does not come to My side cannot be saved.

The hour is coming to an end, this world of sin must end. God created man out of love, He prepared for all His own a world of infinite happiness, He created man in His Image and Likeness.... He cannot end, His creature, in Satan's cesspool.

Enough of this! The hour has come... It is my hour! Thunder, heavens! Let the Justice of God thunder! Let man understand that without "conversion" he will not be able to enter into the infinite Beauty of God the Creator, but will suffer Satan's eternal torture.

Children of Lucifer, have you heard my Word? 

You decide whether you want to embrace Life or Death.

My people, my people, what evil have I done to you, why have you forsaken me? 

Return quickly to Me, I alone am Salvation! Amen.

Brief reflection: if you do not take the side of your Creator God, you will not have life but death. The choice is yours, oh men.