Opportunities for holiness and apostolate

 Contemplating life in the human way, it might seem that there are moments and situations that are less propitious for growing in holiness or for carrying out a fruitful apostolate: travel, exams, overwork, tiredness, lack of courage...; or else: harsh environments, delicate professional tasks in a paganized environment, defamatory campaigns.... However, these are moments of every ordinary life: small triumphs and small jobs, health and sickness, joys and sorrows, and worries; moments of economic relief and others perhaps of hardship.... The Lord expects us to know how to convert these opportunities into motives for holiness and apostolate.

In those moments we will put more attention and effort in the daily personal prayer (we will always find time; love is ingenious), in the contact with Jesus in the Sacrament, with the Virgin..., because they are incidences in which we need more help, and we obtain it in the prayer and in the sacraments. Then, the virtues become strong, and the whole interior life matures.

In the apostolate we should not wait for special circumstances either. Every day, every moment is good. If the early Christians had waited for a more propitious juncture, few converts would have been brought to the faith. This task will always require boldness and a spirit of sacrifice.

The farmer, in order to receive the fruits, must first work9. It is necessary to make an effort, to bring human virtues into play. In a particular way, the apostolate requires constancy: "Be patient, brethren," says the Apostle St. James, "until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer, in the hope of reaping the precious fruit of the earth, waits patiently until he receives the early and late rains. So you also wait with patience and strain your hearts. And with constancy, the generosity to sow much, even if we do not see the fruits.

Let us ask the Blessed Virgin for an effective zeal for holiness in the circumstances in which we now find ourselves. Let us not wait for a more opportune time; this is the propitious moment to love God with all our hearts, with all our being....