Francis’ Actions "Indescribably Evil"

Tucho Fernández's appointment is “deeply inappropriate”, Father John Hunicke, a convert from Anglicanism, specialist for old languages, and author of told at the Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy 

Even the Vatican indirectly admitted this when it published a list of Tucho's books with the announcement of his election, omitting his treatise on kissing. Hunicke calls this book indecorous, since it is inappropriate for a man who is supposed to be celibate to write about kissing techniques.

He sees Fernández as a perfect lapdog for Francis, “I think Tucho would do whatever his master told him.”

The same goes for those in charge of the liturgy. Previous prefects were responsible, intelligent and pious men. Now the Liturgy Dicastery is headed by Roche "who, intentionally or not, does not always, tell the truth.”

Hunicke’s example for Roche’s dishonesty is that he called the Mass “abrogated” while Benedict XVI said that this was not true.

“If you have a magisterium and you're expected, as we are, to take it seriously, then you can't have men like Roche running around saying things that directly contradict the magisterium of the previous pope”, Hunicke concludes.

Francis' office deserves respect but "his actions have been indescribably evil”, Hunicke adds referring to Francis’ liturgical legislation, but also to abortion, which Francis condemns with words that are not followed by actions. When Ireland introduced abortion in 2018, Francis stayed silent. At the same time, he "allows" Communion for abortion propagandists like Biden and Pelosi.

On homosexuality, Hunicke denounces Francis’ “body language” like when he said “Who am I to judge” (2013 on homosexual priests) or when he appointed homosexualist Martin as a member of the October Synod.

Hunicke sees Francis as “a very bad pope”, in the line of bad popes of the distant past, when popes, for example, had affairs.