From the Diary of Saint Faustina

1076 He writes: All that exists is enclosed in the bowels of My mercy more deeply than a child in its mother's womb. How grievously I am wounded by distrust of My goodness. It is the sins of distrust that wound Me most grievously.

1079 IV 7, 1937. Today, in the chapel, a certain person entered, and I felt a terrible pain in my hands and feet and side, like Jesus during the Passion. It lasted for a brief moment, and thus I know the soul that is not in the grace of God.

1087 + When I decided one day to exercise myself in a certain virtue, I fell into the defect contrary to that virtue ten times more than on other days. In the evening, while I was reflecting on why I was falling so exceptionally today, I heard these words: You have counted too much on yourself and too little on Me. I understood the cause of my falls.

1092 16 IV 1937. Today, when the Majesty of God inundated my soul, I learned that the Lord, though so great, has a predilection for little and humble souls. The [313] more deeply the soul humbles itself, the more graciously the Lord draws near to it; uniting Himself closely to it, He raises it up to His throne. Happy is the soul that the Lord Himself defends. I have learned that only love has value. Love is a great thing; nothing can compare with an act of God's pure love.