The spiritual season of preparation for My Son's Second Coming

Prepare to withstand the heat of controversy

 April 5, 2018

"I am the Father of the Cosmos. In the world you pass from season to season.

Spring melts into summer and so on. However, there are spiritual seasons, as well. The spiritual season you are in right now is one of preparation for My Son's Second Coming. The soul who is prepared has purified his heart of all iniquity. He dedicates part of his day to prayer. He recognizes the importance of sacrifice. He is not self-righteous. He has dusted off any semblance of judging others, as this is debris that stands between man's heart and the Heart of God."

"When he is thus presentable, he offers many prayers for others to be clothed in preparation. Today's society does not encourage such spiritual preparation. It's disregarded at best. This is why I come to you during these times. Man must take heed or else be unprepared."