99% of Cºvid deaths not caused by the virus —CDC


In March of 2020 we were told that Covid had a 60+% death rate.

But according to this new report from the CDC which says that 99% of all new covid deaths are not primarily caused by the “Virus”. 

So that means that Covid, if it is a real disease, whatever its cause, is only 0.0003% deadly, or only 3 persons in every 10 thousand who get it will die from it primarily.

The Globalists are now running in a panic, because if you search the web for the above story, you can find as of today 5+ news sites with the same original title, “99% of Covid deaths” not caused primarily by the Virus, ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN CHANGED in the last 24 hours to read “1% of Covid deaths” caused primarily by the Virus. A change which I, as an anthropologist, believe was made to induce the masses NOT to read the article.

In sum, THE PLANDEMIC WAS A TOTAL HOAX. The CDC has just statistically admitted what FromRome.Info has said since mid March 2020. For if something is only 1% the cause of something else, since statistical accuracy is always doubtful, that 1% can be presumed to not exist.  Here we have a statistical piece of evidence which confirms the hundreds of bio-labs round the world, all of which have declared that they have NO SAMPLE of the SarsCov2 virus.