Judas, disguised as a false prophet, celebrates the victory of Satan

Carbonia 11-01-2023 - 

I ask you in all humility to remain united, not to be dispersed, ...

Mary Most Holy is here with you.

My beloved, my children, I am here among you, today I come to you as Our Lady of Sorrows. I come in tears, to ask you again for prayers and supplications so that my Son Jesus may intervene now.

I see this Humanity lost in the hands of Satan, I see my children crushed by the Ancient Serpent, I see the unbelief of many Priests who have now surrendered to the Evil One, who follow him instead of the One who anointed them "His own"!

They have celebrated in Evil; they have come against Me, they have clung to Satan for power, for a greater seat, they have fallen in love with the things of the world, they have given themselves to the wildest lust.

I am here, among you, weeping tears of blood. With me is my Son Jesus who weeps, who in his pain begs the Father to shorten the time of his intervention on this world now fractured by Evil.

I am here with you, my children, I embrace you and I keep you under my mantle, ... I ask you in all humility to remain united, not to disperse, not to go in search of something else.

My children, take the Holy Gospel in your hands, pray the Holy Rosary and implore God's mercy. Stand firm in the Holy Gospel, listen to the Word of Jesus; nothing more will be said to you: what had to be said has been revealed.

My children, I descend this hill to embrace you to Me, to take you to Me; cling to My lap. Seek no other conditions.

Purify yourselves, my children,

confess your sins every day,

ask forgiveness from our Lord Jesus Christ;

humble yourselves before Him:

Prostrate yourselves before his Cross and tell him that you love him with all your heart. 

with all your heart,

that with all your love you will follow him to the end.

Have pity on the poor, 

have love for your brothers.

Support this Work, ... this call that Jesus from His Heaven has revealed for the end times, for the realization of His plan.

Jesus is here with you.

Here a great battle will take place my children, a great battle!!!!! It will be the challenge between the Ancient Dragon and Mary Most Holy, with her earthly army at her side, the one she herself prepared!

Few will be those who will follow Mary Most Holy in this Mission; She will bring Her greatness to the world and embrace all the faithful of the world.

All those who follow Jesus Christ, who live His Holy Gospel,

purified in the Most Holy Eucharist, in the Blood of the Lamb, will be prepared to enter the New Age.

Live the Holy Gospel, My children; do not listen to the words that come from the world. My favorite children also betray Me, they turn their backs on Me, they listen to the traitor, to the one who will lead so many children astray.

Judas, disguised as a false prophet, celebrates today with his acolytes the victory of Satan, but very soon he will be defeated by the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Have faith, my children, have faith in your Lord Jesus Christ, have faith! Be obedient to his Word.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

My children, today I anoint you! I anoint you with holy oil: that which comes from God! The only holy oil is that of God.

Do not be content with the things of the world, my children, for it is the poison of Satan. Amen.