Porsche removes image of Jesus from its ad

Porsche sparks controversy by removing an iconic statue of Jesus in a promotional advert

The dissatisfaction of users of social networks was not long in coming and they asked the reasons for the edition.

The German luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche unleashed a wave of criticism on social networks this Sunday for "erasing" in a promotional video of its iconic 911 model car the famous statue of Christ the King, located in the Portuguese city of Lisbon, reports Daily Mail.

In the video, which celebrates 60 years of the car, you can see a tour of all generations of the model that has been manufactured since 1963, concluding with the introduction of its latest generation, the 911 S/T, of which only 1,963 units were manufactured.

In the first minute of the audiovisual material, a red 911 passes at full speed in front of the 25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon, from where the emblematic statue of Christ the King, 110 meters high, should be seen. However, the images show only the concrete base on which the religious monument stands.

The discontent of social network users was not long in coming and they asked the reasons for the editing, as well as why the statue was deleted, while others suggested that Porsche should be ashamed and proposed boycotting it.

The company subsequently removed the video from its YouTube channel, but it still remains on its website and declined to comment on it.

In recent months, other organizations and companies have also been heavily criticized for their "progressive" attempts to censor the use of religious symbols and terminology.