New pandemic, new shutdowns

Monday, September 11, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, you remember the Covid shutdown when they closed all of your churches.  No one protested against your shutdown, because it did not stop the spread of the Covid virus.  This was the first test of how you would react to being controlled by your supposed health people.  The one world people saw that you were in so much fear, that they could control your activities.  Now, soon you will see another pandemic virus that will be much worse than the Covid virus.  Once another pandemic is declared, you could see another shutdown, and you may not be able to come to your churches just as your rulers did with the first shutdown.  

This is the devil’s way of trying to stop you from coming to Mass.  
You may be able to have Mass on the internet for a while, but soon even that will be shut down.  Your government and the one world people want power and control over your people.  These evil ones will use any means for a takeover, and spreading deadly viruses is being used to reduce the population by killing as many people as they can.  

Before any threat to your lives comes about, you will see My Warning and six weeks of Conversion first.  Then I will call My faithful to the safety of My refuges with My inner locution.  It is then after the six weeks of Conversion that you will see many people dying in the streets from the new virus.  You can take Hawthorn tea, or holy water with the miraculous medal stirred in it.  Even holy oils will help heal any virus.  At My refuges you will be healed of any virus by looking on My luminous cross in the skies over My refuges.  Trust in Me to protect My people from the evil ones during the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a contest between Myself and the devil over who can pull in the most souls.  I am looking for faithful souls who want to love Me without being forced.  The devil is using lies and earthly distractions to win souls to hell.  The people are going to have one last chance to be saved at My Warning and the six weeks of Conversion.  Everyone, who is headed on a path to hell, will see what hell is like with all of its flames and suffering from the demons, when they see their destination.  If people, still refuse to love Me and are not sorry for their sins, then they will receive a just judgment for not loving Me when they are sent to hell.  My people will have a chance to help convert souls during the six weeks of Conversion after the Warning when there will be no evil influence.  Pray for the souls of your family that they will choose to follow Me.”