Behold, the second coming of Jesus is at hand

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD HILL

God the Father:

CARBONIA November 27, 2021

 My people, ungrateful people, what evil have I done to you?

Turn your ear, O man, listen to My Word, I am your God-Love, your Creator, do not turn your back on Me my son, your denial of Me would lead you to death.


Jesus, in His infinite love comes again to call His people to conversion.

My people, my ungrateful people, what evil have I done to you, why have you rejected me?

Do you not understand that I come to you out of love?

Why do you not listen to me, O man?

Why do you despise me?

Demand of Me, as your Creator, that I make you happy: ... Yes! I also desire it very much, my blessed child, but for the best, ... I cannot give you what you demand in evil. Convince yourself, return to purity and you will be happy. You must understand, O man, that this world is immersed in the accursed substance of Satan and nothing leads to good. Give me your approval so that I may cure you of all evil and give you the happiness you long for.

Do not reject me my children, the hour is very sadly approaching, in a short time you will have nothing but suffering if you continue to fight against me, this is what Lucifer, the accursed traitor angel, wants.

My dear children, I place My trust in you, do not be foolish, open your hearts to Me, ...all that is needed is the small desire to want to be Mine again, and I will help you to return to the road that leads to the House of the Father.

My people, recover your faith in Me, return to your Creator, do not allow yourselves to be fascinated by the evil serpent that is breathing down your neck and whispering its seductive lies in your ear to make you fall into its deadly trap.

Truly I say to you:

Fiery rivers of lava will flow over the earth! Whole cities will be buried.

The earth will tremble with greater force, ...tectonic fault lines in action! Heavy snowfalls and heavy frosts will cut the breath.

I cry with all my love for your conversion, my people, my ungrateful people!

... I thirst!

*** ***

This message recalls the following message, dated October 22, 2014.

Carbonia 22bis. 10. 2014

"My people, what have I done to you, what harm have I done to you?".

My dear children, your pain is minimal compared to that of Jesus and Mary. My children, beloved of your Jesus, be light to the nations, be salt of the earth.

My children, all of heaven is weeping for this immense disaster that is over the earth, but it is all over! The time is fulfilled! Satan is already counting his hours: his defeat has come!

Believe in the one who will save you. Believe in Jesus Christ, the one true God of Love. His Face you will soon know and in His Hands you will be.

Behold, my children, my cry is for all those who are far from Love, far from Salvation.

Now darkness will suddenly descend and all will enter into darkness! Every man who is far from the Sacraments will feel very bad, for in his sarcasm, he has turned away from Life to accompany death.

This world now marks its end. The hour of the New Age has come, the sun will rise suddenly and in its explosion will give a new light, the light of life. Two comets will now collide in the heavens and give rise to a Great Miracle: it is the Lord Jesus Christ who will appear in the Sign of the Glorious Cross! He will manifest liberation to his children! The sign is imminent!

Emptiness will leave the hearts of men because they will know God. The Truth will manifest Himself to the world; in His power He will gather to Himself all the children of His own.

The hour is fulfilled; the time is marked at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

My priests, be sure that you have led your flock to God, for you have been entrusted with the task of keeping steadfast in the faith the flock which the Lord has entrusted to you. Do not depart from his doctrine, protect the people of God with your own lives. Place your offering on the altar and declare openly that you are children of God.

The Antichrist is about to manifest himself to mankind! Soon his face will be known. He will draw streams of people to himself, rule for a short time and be a dictator, declaring himself God! He will manifest himself with miracles and wondrous signs, but verily, verily I say unto you, behold, I come! No one can take my place! Anathema! Anathema!

The time has come, pray, my children! The darkness will manifest itself now, but the children of Love will enter into Love, will become children of the Most High God and will be just opponents in the final conflict against Satan.

Popule meus, quid feci tibi? Aut in quo contristavi te?.... My people, what have I done to you? What evil have I done to you? Why have you denied me?

Behold, the second coming of Jesus is coming: will he still find faith on this earth? Prepare yourselves, my children. I am He who am.

I love you and I bless you.

God, the Holy of Holies.