Statue of St. Peter loses the keys and halo

On Jorge Mario Bergoglio's birthday, a few hours before the normalization of sin was made official when the false pope signed the Fiducia Supplicans Document, which allows and encourages the blessing of couples of people in grave sin (in adultery, or in the active exercise of homosexuality), the statue of St. Peter in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, suffered the loss of the key to his right hand. 

How? It is said that by means of a lightning, consequence of the terrible storm that devastated the area. Anyway, the main thing is why and what for that sign and on that day, in a Marian sanctuary in Argentina. 

The current statue of St. Peter in the Argentine Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas is now all a cry from heaven, because the false pope who lacks the grace of state and the statue of St. Peter, like Bergoglio, DOES NOT HAVE THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, it is no coincidence. What the complicit or cowardly pastors keep silent about, heaven shouts it out. All this will not come for free, it will have consequences.